Tufted carpet on Kalven cat trees

Stylish luxury, superior quality tufted carpet, manufactured in the United Kingdom. 

Designed for contract and high-end domestic locations, these carpets comprise of 2 and 3-fold yarn and are either 80/20 wool/nylon, or 100% wool.

Stain resistant to keep your carpet looking new for longer. Treated to prevent Dustmites and completely Mothproof.  Actigard for ultimate freshness and protection. Both treatments have been thoroughly tested to make sure that they are safe for use with humans of all ages and pets.

Colours available

We visit the carpet supplier regularly and always look out for popular colours.

We have over one hundred rolls in stock, you can be sure there is a shade for you and always have a comprehensive range of of the most popular Natural, Cream and Green carpets.

We also offer a shade matching and swatch service. Please call for more details.
Please be aware that shade matching can delay manufacturing as we are limited to the colours available when we visit.

Cleaning advice

Maintain tufted carpet by vacuuming regularly. This ensures dirt and dust does not penetrate deep into the fibres.

If the carpet has soiling that needs additional attention, perform spot cleaning:

  • Use cleaning products that are recognised by Woolsafe®
  • Excessive rubbing and high temperatures on the wool fibres should absolutely be avoided.
  • Wool suffers if bleach or alkaline products are used and should only be treated with neutral cleaning agents with a pH value between 5.0 and 8.
  • When using wet cleaning methods wool must be dried quickly to prevent browning or yellowing. If possible, dry the treated area using a hairdryer.
  • Never use products intended for another purpose, such as washing-up liquid, soap and household cleaners. Even if the initial result of cleaning appears good, problems can occur rapidly, including quick re-soiling, bleeding of colour and alter the shade of the carpet fibres and backing.
  • Stains in carpets should always be treated immediately. The earlier you fight the stain, the easier the removal.
  • Absorb liquids immediately with an absorbent cloth such as kitchen paper, toilet paper, cotton towel, etc. and dab, not rub. Always work the stain from the outside inwards.
  • Solid substances (e.g. yogurt or similar) remove with a spoon or the back of a knife.
  • When using solvent, test on an inconspicuous area first.



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