Pagoda and oval bed

Pagoda and oval bed

Model : T24PO-194607
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Made in Charcoal coloured tufted carpet.
A Pagoda for a nice lay down, a cosy bed to snuggle and sleep in, and 3 posts for scratching.
This is an ideal model for most single cat homes.

Special requirements:

Made in Charcoal coloured tufted carpet.

This scratcher is a great choice for many single cat homes. It has a pagoda at the top so they can lay and have a quick nap or sit and have a good groom, plus a comfy oval bed to stretch out in on a night. This model provides just what your cat needs.

This model features a carpeted 20 inch long pagoda, a carpeted 20 inch long oval bed, four solid timber, 3 inch diameter, sisal wrapped posts, two measuring 24 inches and two measuring 10 inches, all on a 20 x 16 inch carpeted wooden base. 


Assembled product dimensions

Height 29 inch (74 cm)
Width 21 inch (53 cm)
Depth 21 inch (53 cm)
Weight 17.4 Kg
Base 20 x 16 inch (51 x 41 cm)
Pagoda 1 at 20 x 13 inch (51 x 33 cm)
Oval Bed 1 at 20 x 14 inch (51 x 36 cm)
Posts 2 at 24 inch (61 cm)
2 at 10 inch (25 cm)


Packed Dimensions 35 x 60 x 22 Centimetre
Packed Weight 21 Kilogram