28in Bobbin Cat Bed

28in Bobbin Cat Bed

Model : T14B24-182003
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Made in caramel coloured tufted carpet

A spacious bed to sleep with plenty of space to scratch

Modern circular design

Made in caramel coloured tufted carpet

The Bobbin is a great place for your cat to have a lie down and stretch out or a couple of cats to snuggle up together. It's also a great height to have a nosy out of a nearby window whilst still being a sturdy place to have a satisfying scratch. If your cats need a larger bed but you haven't got much space this is an ideal choice.

This scratcher stemmed from us wanting to add more modern looking designs to the range and getting a new router table in the workshop. Meaning we can now make perfect circles! We took it home to let our cats try it out and it was an instant hit! Our cat Matilda (who is the picky one) loved the design straight away and can now always be found curled up in her favourite spot.

This scratcher is made from a circular carpeted base and top bed, measuring 20 inches in diameter, and three 24 inch long, solid timber, sisal wrapped scratching poles.


Bobbin Bed Cat Tree Dimensions

Height28 inch (78cm)
Width20 inch (51 cm)
Depth20 inch (51 cm)
Base20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Circular Bed1 at 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Posts3 at 24 inch (61 cm)


Packed Dimensions 20 x 20 x 28 Inch
Packed Weight 0