Wire Cage Animal Carrier

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These are manufactured for Veterinary Surgeries, so you can be sure they are the best quality available.

Strong white coated steel wire carrier for cats, small dogs, rabbits, hamsters and other small animals.

Ideal for transporting and showing.

Open mesh design - lets your pet look out and see where it is going.

Top opening - as preferred by GCCF and TICA judges, and easier to use for animals who do not like going in pet cages.

Each panel has a thicker wire frame to provide maximum strength and stability.

The locking bar is available 'self coloured' - the same as the cage; or in a 'contrast colour' - which makes it easier to find if you put it down on top of the cage.

Supplied with carpet insert.

Pet Carrier Dimensions

Length Width Height Mesh Size
18 inch (46 cm) 12 inch (30 cm) 12 inch (30 cm) 1 x ½ inch (25 x 12 mm)


All sizes are approximate

Price includes delivery to most UK Mainland addresses (Zone A).
Check the map for details of the Delivery zones


Model CC18
* Lock Colour:



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