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Thank you for the large number of Christmas orders.  
It will be a challenge, but everyone who placed and order on or before 18th November will have their product in time for Christmas.

Orders placed now will be delivered in January 2018.
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Kalven cat scratchers designed and created to provide solutions to everyday cat related issues.

These designs are often devised by customers and designed and developed by Kalven.

Once solved, we like to make them available to everyone to help make the lives of cats and their owners simpler and happier.


Crossover Gym Cat Scratcher and Grooming Platform

New Product Cat Scratcher

The dual function cat tree
Model 10M

Oval cat bed and scratcher for senior and geriatric cats

Cat bed and scratcher for senior and geriatric cats
Model T24P

Worktop stepup cat post

Access to worktops for older cats
Model 07A

Covered and Hidden Cat Litter Tray and Cat Post Scratcher

Discreet Cat Litter Box with scratch post
Model 03

Wire Cage Animal Carrier

Strong and hygienic. 18x12x12".

Model CC18

Wire Cage Pet Carrier

Strong and hygienic. 20x16x14".

Model CC20

Cat Show Grooming Table

A stable platform to groom your cat
Model GT

Cat Radiator Shelf

A warm perch for your cat
Model RS

I've had my Kalven cat scatcher for 9 yrs now and have two huge Maine Coons using it daily - it's as good now as the day it arrived! Fantastic product.
Alison, London
These products are SO much better than others on the market. My first one has moved with me and is still as sturdy as ever after about 10 years.
Gabriel, London
We have been using Kalven products for years. They have stood up to a lot of use in a multi cat household.
Arthur, Lancashire
Brilliant quality and design. Well worth every penny.
Catherine, Yorkshire
Purrfect Christmas gift for kittens and cats. My cat Molly loves her scratching post.
Steve, Yorkshire
My Maine coon cats and dog just love the scratcher I got them and it's so sturdy, the best buy ever
Dorothy, West Lothian
Bernard is very happy with the topless Monty!!
Anthony, Yorkshire
The quality is excellent and worth the extra money - far better than "Pets at Home".
Paul, Derbyshire
The Big Sleep is the best cat tree if you have big cats! Our 3 love it!
Laura-Jane, Lanarkshire
Got a few scratchers now and love them, more importantly cats love them too ☺
Nicola, Staffordshire
Brilliant quality and design. Well worth every penny.
Catherine, Yorkshire
Superb company......have two scratchers already....would not buy from anywhere else!
I got it built and it worked out perfect!
Ashley, London
Received this morning, it's fabulous!! There is no way it will topple over like my cat's old one. Fantastic quality, thank you!
Sharron, Yorkshire

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