Two Bed Exercise Frame Cat Scratcher

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Sleep and play centre

This scratcher is great for cats who love a snooze. Built on different levels it gives them opportunity to jump around (giving much needed exercise), whilst having 2 comfy cosy beds to snuggle up in, and a pagoda up high for having a nosy round at what's going on in your home.

Beds come with comfy cosy PetBed fleece. 

Covered in luxury Tufted Carpet.

Cat Exercise Frame Dimensions

Height: 51 inch (130 cm)
Base: 28 x 20 inch (71 x 51 cm)
Platform: 28 x 20 inch (71 x 51 cm)
Posts: 2 at 46 inch (117 cm),
2 at 24 inch (61 cm),
1 at 10 inch (25 cm),
1 at 8 inch (20 cm).
Pagoda: 1 at 20 x 13 inch (51 x 33cm)
Round Bed: 2 at 18 x 18 inch (46 x 46 cm)

All sizes are approximate

Price includes delivery to most UK Mainland addresses (Zone A).
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Product requires easy assembly.

Model T27A
* Colour of tufted carpet:

* Tufted carpet shade matching:

Special requirements:


Pagodas are carpet covered, 'U'-shaped cribs, designed to allow your cat to snooze and sleep without fear of falling off.

They are 13 inches wide (33 cm), and are either 20 inch or 16 inch long (51 cm or 41 cm).

Exercise Frame with Pagoda and Three Beds


Oval and Round shaped, covered in tufted carpet and complete with PetBed fleece inserts.

Oval: 20 x 14 inch (51 x 36 cm). Round: 18 inch (46 cm).
Sides: 4 inch (10 cm).

Furniture Grade Particle Board
100% Natural Brazilian Sisal
Solid timber wooden posts
All Metal Fixings
Sustainable Materials
Handcrafted in Yorkshire



5 High House Avenue


Unit D, Burlington Mills, Dalton Lane.


Telephone: 01535 517330
Facsimile: 01274 900955