100% Natural Sisal Rope.

Top quality 3-core 7mm sisal cord.

Re-rope your tatty cat scratching post!

Sisal Rope is a 100% natural product from the Agave sisalana plant.
Variations in diameter are normal, and you may also find sections which are a slightly different colour.

To re-rope a 3 inch (75mm) diameter post, you will need approximately 1 metre for each inch, so 40 metres is enough for one 40 inch post, or two 20 inch posts.

Full instructions are included.

20 metres   £ 15.00
30 metres   £ 19.00
40 metres   £ 22.00
50 metres   £ 25.00
220 metres   £ 48.00

Model SROP
* Length:

Postage and packing will be advised when you place your order.

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