Roped posts for Kalven Cat Scratchers

Replacement sisal roped 3 inch diameter posts for our range of products.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the different fixings used in competitor products, we are unable to supply replacement posts for non-Kalven products.

To ensure the fittings are correct for your scratcher, please add details of the model and post number/letter in the boxes.  This is normally written under the base and on the pole end.

If you are unsure, give us a call.

5 inch   £ 8.00
8 inch   £ 9.00
10 inch   £ 10.00
12 inch   £ 11.00
15 inch   £ 13.00
17.5 inch   £ 14.00
19.5 inch   £15.00
24 inch   £17.00
30 inch   £20.00
40 inch   £25.00
46 inch   £28.00


Guidance on fixing types

In 2006 we changed from Imperial BSW threads to Metric threads.
The two systems look similar, but are not compatible.  
It is important you chose the correct fixing type.

Some products use a bolt which is visible under the base:

All products made before 2006
have imperial (5/16 inch BSW) fixings.BSW.JPG
BSW Imperial Bolt

From 2006 onwards,
we have used metric (M8) fixings.M8.JPG
M8 Metric Bolt

If you are unsure, please give us a call 01535 517330. 

Model POS3
* Model of Cat Scratcher:

* Post Number or Letter:

* Length:

* Type of fixing required:

Special requirements:

 Postage and packing will be advised when you place your order.



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