Outdoor Crisscross Gym
  • Outdoor Crisscross Gym
  • Outdoor Crisscross Gym
  • Outdoor Crisscross Gym

Outdoor Crisscross Gym

Model : E10X

Outdoor cat tree for climbing cats

Special requirements:

Designed for climbing breeds like Norwegian Forest Cats and Burmese, the height will give them plenty of scope to run and jump. Once at the top, your cat can snooze or sleep on the top plaform and truely be king of thier castle. Designed to have a compact footprint so it takes up less space in cat runs and catios, with plenty of poles to scratch, this scratcher will give any cat a good work out!

Made from tanilised timber, where all sawn edges have been treated, and Weathersafe rope, this cat scratcher is weather proof. Unlike Sisal our Weathersafe rope will not go black outdoors meaning your cat scratcher will stay looking newer for longer.

All sizes are approximate

Product requires easy assembly.

Please note:
We can only make these products from March to October!
Ronseal decking protector can only be applied when the ambient temperature is over 10°C

We are now at peak manufacturing for Outdoor products.

Assembled cat tree dimensions

Height 54 inch (137 cm)
Width 22 inch (56 cm)
Depth 22 inch (56 cm)
Weight 25.8 Kg
Base 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Platform 1 at 20 x 10 inch (51 x 25 cm)
1 at 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
4 at 28 x 5 inch (71 x 13 cm)
Posts 8 at 20 inch (51 cm)
4 at 10 inch (25 cm)








Packed Dimensions 54 x 22 x 22 Inch
Packed Weight 25.8 Kilogram

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