The Bobbin Cat Scratcher

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The Bobbin is a great place for your cat to have a lie down or even a nosy out of a nearby window whilst still being a sturdy place to have a satisfying scratch.

This product features a spacious 20 inch circular platform on three solid timber posts and a circular base.

Available in 3 heights (see below).

It provides a great place for your cat to sit, lay, and scratch.

Can be covered in durable Ribbed Carpet or luxury Tufted Carpet or . 

Cat Scratcher Dimensions

Height: 20 inch (51 cm) 24 inch (61 cm) 30 inch (76 cm)
Circular Base: 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Circular Platform: 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)

All sizes are approximate

Price includes delivery to most UK Mainland addresses (Zone A).
Check the map for details of the Delivery zones

Product requires easy assembly.

Model T14
* Height:

* Carpet Type:

Special requirements:

Furniture Grade Particle Board
100% Natural Brazilian Sisal
Solid timber wooden posts
All Metal Fixings
Sustainable Materials
Handcrafted in Yorkshire



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