Deluxe Gym Cat Tree

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This scratcher is great for very energetic cats! Or multi cat households. With lots of platforms for running around and jumping up and down, plenty of poles to scratch, and a plaited rope for extra fun, this scratcher will give any cat a good work out!

To give you an idea of the size of the Deluxe Gym, Daisy Mae sat in the middle is a fully grown, larger than average Persian cat.

Base and platforms covered in durable Ribbed Carpet or in luxury wool blend Tufted Carpet.

Deluxe Gym Cat Tree Dimensions

Height: 70 inch (178 cm)
Base: 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)

1 off 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm),
2 off 26 x 8 inch (66 x 20 cm),
2 off 20 x 8 inch (51 x 20 cm),
2 off 12 x 12 inch (30 x 30 cm)

Posts: 5 at 19 inch (48 cm),
4 at 15 inch (38 cm),
5 at 11 inch (28 cm)

All sizes are approximate

Price includes delivery to most UK Mainland addresses (Zone A).
Check the map for details of the Delivery zones

Product requires easy assembly.

Model 10A
* Carpet Type:

Special requirements:

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