Active Cat

All the fun of Cat Scratching, providing a safe alternative to your furniture!

High quality, solid and durable, there's no wobble with our heavy-duty cat trees.

Posts made from solid wooden timber wrapped in natural Brazilian Sisal. Platforms and bases made from furniture grade particle board. All metal fixings.

All products are made to order, so can be changed and adapted to your exact requirements. Kalven specialise in custom cat scratchers. 



A spacious platform, and plenty of space to scratch.
Model 14

Tom Cat Scratch Post

Best Seller Cat Scratcher

Our best selling traditional cat scratch post
Model TC

Lazy Cat Scratcher

Best Seller Cat Scratcher

Our best selling cat scratcher.
Model LC

The Tower Cat Scratching Post

Best Seller Cat Scratcher

Chunky, heavy and built to last
Model 18

Monty Cat Scratcher

The Monster Scratcher!
Model MON

Ultra Compact

New Product Cat Scratcher

Ideal for small homes
Model 04

The Kalven Scratcher

Ideal for small spaces
Model 04A

The chance to be twice as lazy
Model 07

The gravity defying cat tree scratcher
Model 02

Five Step Cat Scratcher

Entertain multiple cats in a small space
Model 06

The Armchair substitute
Model WAV

Ideal for room corners
Model 09

Send your cats round the bend
Model 09B

Single Barrel Cat Scratcher

 Hideaway, snooze, and play!
Model 05

Twin Platform with Barrel Cat Tree

New Product Cat Scratcher

Activity centre for cats
Model 05D

Cat Tree with hideaway barrels
Model 05B

Crossover Gym Cat Scratcher and Grooming Platform

New Product Cat Scratcher

The dual function cat tree
Model 10M

Crossover Gym Cat Scratcher

New Product Cat Scratcher

Activity centre for cats
Model 10L

The Gym Cat Tree

A workout for your cats.
Model 10

Deluxe Gym Cat Tree

An even taller cat climbing frame.
Model 10A

Furniture Grade Particle Board
100% Natural Brazilian Sisal
Solid timber wooden posts
All Metal Fixings
Sustainable Materials
Handcrafted in Yorkshire




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Facsimile: 01274 900955