The Wave

The Wave

Model: 91

The Armchair Substitute

If your cat likes to claw your prized three-piece suite, then this is the ideal choice as a substitute scratching post.

* Colour of tufted carpet:

* Tufted carpet shade matching:

Special requirements:

The Armchair Substitute

A contemporary design, shaped like the arms of a sofa. We had so many customers telling us how their cats loved to destroy the arms of their beloved sofa, we decided to make a design to mimic the shape of the arms. Plus an extra platform on the top so that your cat can have a perch and a nosy at what entertainment their humans are putting on for them.

This scratcher includes an 18x20inch carpeted base, a carpeted 'wave', one 28inch, and one 12inch long 3inch diameter solid post wrapped in natural sisal, and a carpeted 12inch platform.

Replacement parts are available for this model.
As sisal is a natural product there can be slight variations in the colour of the posts.
This cat scratcher requires easy assembly, and instructions are be provided.
All sizes are approximate.

Assembled product dimensions

Height44 inch (112 cm)
Width20 inch (51 cm)
Depth20 inch (51 cm)
Base20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Platform12 x 12 inch (29 x 29 cm)
Posts1 at 28 inch (71 cm)
1 at 12 inch (30 cm)