Worktop Stepup

Worktop Stepup

Model: 07A

Gives access to worktops for older cats.

A helping hand for your cats who are finding it a bit harder to mover around.

With two gentle steps making access to high up points a breeze.

* Carpet Type:

Special requirements:

Our customer had to feed their cat on the kitchen worktop to stop the dog from eating the cats food.  Unfortunately, their elderly cat could no longer jump on to the worktop. So we had to design something to help our customer and her cats out. A standard kitchen worktop is 36 inches (91 cm) high. This model has platforms at 12 inches (30 cm) and 24 inches (61 cm) creating a stairway to food. If your worktop is at a slightly different height please get in touch 

The worktop step-up compromises of one 16 x 16 inch carpeted base, two 12 inch square carpeted platforms, and two 3 inch diameter, solid sisal wrapped posts, one at 24 inches and one at 12 inches.

Replacement parts are available for this model.
As sisal is a natural product there can be slight variations in the colour of the posts.
This cat scratcher requires easy assembly, and instructions are be provided.
All sizes are approximate.

Assembled product dimensions

Height26 inch (66 cm)
Width16 inch (41 cm)
Depth25 inch (64 cm)
Base16 x 16 inch (41 x 41 cm)
Platform2 at 12 x 12 inch (29 x 29 cm)
Posts1 at 24 inch (61 cm)
1 at 12 inch (30 cm)