Cat-a-pillar Climber

Model : 06A

The Cat Tree Climber

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Special requirements:

A pillar of platforms designed with Persian cats in mind, it has an easy climb path to all levels. 
If your cat can climb on a dining chair, they can easily access each level.

The outdoor version is selling so well, we decided to make an indoor version

  • sturdy and stable - it will not topple over or wobble
  • full platforms - perfect for laying out for a snooze
  • sensible spacing between platforms - no need to jump up or down levels
  • lots of accessible scratch posts for satisfying claw sharpening strops

Replacement parts are available for this model.
As sisal is a natural product there can be slight variations in the colour of the posts.
This cat scratcher requires easy assembly, and instructions are be provided.
All sizes are approximate.

Assembled product dimensions

Height 54 inch (138 cm)
Width 24 inch (62 cm)
Depth 20 inch (51 cm)
Base 20 x 20 inch (51 x 51 cm)
Platform 2 at 20 x 16 inch (51 x 41 cm)
1 at 16 x 16 inch (41 x 41 cm)
Posts 3 at 20 inch (51 cm)
3 at 17 inch (44 cm)
3 at 15 inch (38 cm)








Packed Dimensions 20 x 20 x 60 Inch
Packed Weight 0