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The Kalven
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  • The Kalven
  • The Kalven
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The Kalven

Model: 04A

Our brand name scratcher. Ideal for small spaces.

Breeders tell us this scratcher is great for exploring kittens.

* Carpet Type:

Special requirements:

Our brand name scratcher, this scratcher compacts multiple things into a small space.

This model is great for any cat. With a platform up high for perching on, a middle larger platform for snoozing, and a barrel underneath for hiding away and playing. This scratcher is designed to keep your cat entertained whilst still not taking up too much room in your house. Many cat breeders have told us this is a great model for their kittens as they love playing hide and seek with the barrel.

So good we put our name on it!

This scratcher includes one carpeted 20 x 16inch base and middle platform, one 12inch square top platform, one 16inch long barrel, and four 17inch long 3inch diameter solid posts wrapped in natural sisal.

Replacement parts are available for this model.
As sisal is a natural product there can be slight variations in the colour of the posts.
This cat scratcher requires easy assembly, and instructions are be provided.
All sizes are approximate.

The Kalven Cat Tree Dimensions

Height37 inch (94 cm)
Width19 inch (48 cm)
Depth23 inch (58 cm)
Weight19.2 Kg
Base20 x 16 inch (51 x 41 cm)
Platform20 x 16 inch (51 x 41 cm)
12 x 12 inch (29 x 29 cm)
Barrel1 at 16 x 12 inch (41 x 30 cm)
Posts3 at 17 inch (43 cm)

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