As we are a small family business our office hours don't follow traditional shop hours.

Steve and Allen make the products, and Heidi (Allen's wife) is helping out on a Friday with admin and allocating carpets to your orders.

Becky is on maternity leave after making Olive (grand-daughter to Steve; great-niece to Allen and Heidi; cousin to Summer's little boy Thomas).

Summer has now started university and has enough to do running a home, looking after Thomas, and studying to be able to help out at Kalven.

Steve and Allen can't always hear the phone due to the machines running, so please keep trying, or send an email.

The times below are only a rough guide, we may be in earlier or a bit later on some days.

We don't have a fancy shop to sell our wares, and because of the dreaded health and safety man we can't let you in our workshop.
Therefore if you would like to see our lovely scratchers the best place is at the cat show and exhibitions we visit.
You can find a list of where we are going on the show page of our website.

Day Steve Allen Heidi Summer  Becky

Often out buying
materials from suppliers

8am - 4pm

Not working

Tuesday 8am - 4pm
Friday Unavailable if travelling
to a cat show
8am - 4pm 11am - 2pm
Saturday Occasionally 10am until 2pm Not working
Sunday and 
Bank Holidays