A fine-ribbed 100% polypropylene carpet that offers a stylish textured finish.

Available in a range of colours, it is comfortable underpaw, resistant to staining and highly durable.

Designed for the car industry, this carpet is very hard-wearing and features anti-run and anti-fray properties. 

Ribbed Polypropylene carpet can be cleaned easily with a vacuum or a broom.

Colours available

Buttermilk Cream ribbed carpet

Buttermilk Cream

Light Grey ribbed carpet

Light Grey

Mid Grey ribbed carpet

Mid Grey

Sky Blue ribbed carpet

Sky Blue

Royal Blue ribbed carpet

Royal Blue

Navy Blue ribbed carpet

Navy Blue

Light Brown ribbed carpet

Light Brown

Peat Brown ribbed carpet

Peat Brown

Crimson Red ribbed carpet

Crimson Red


Cleaning advice

Maintain polypropylene carpet by vacuuming on a regular basis to keep dust and debris from getting ground into the fibres.

If the carpet has spots that need additional care, perform spot cleaning:

  • Blot stains immediately with a clean, dry white cotton rag.
  • If already dried, use a putty knife or butter knife to scrape off stuck-on debris. Vacuum once again to remove scraped debris.
  • As a last resort, mix a small amount (1 to 2 tsp.) of liquid dish detergent with 1cup of cold water. Rub the stain with a sponge wet with the soapy water. Blot the area with a clean white dry rag.
  • Keep in mind that after cleaning, any soap residue will attract and trap dirt. Do not use fabric softener for the same reason.





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