COVID-19 and Kalven

The Kalven workshop is open with Steve working limited hours on his own.

Supplies of timber and rope have finally arrived; so I can now make all products.
As the carpet supplier remains closed, I am running very short of tufted grey carpet, but have many other colours available. 

I am answering the the telephone, but I cannot always hear it ringing when the machines are running.
Email is the best way to contact me at the moment.

Place your order online or over the telephone, and I will have your product made and ready to send in 3 to 5 weeks.
01535 517330

Kalven celebrating 30 years: 1988 - 2018

Bespoke made-to-order cat furniture, cat trees and cat scratching posts

Kalven is a small family business with offices at home in Bradford, and workshops in a Keighley mill complex.

We pride ourselves on producing high quality Cat Scratchers and Cat Trees, designed to last for years.

Everything is made to order, with solid timber 3 inch poles covered in natural Brazilian Sisal rope, and furniture grade high density particle board; our Cat Scratchers are very durable, typically lasting for between six years and a decade.

Every cat scratcher can be customised to your exact requirements.  Call us for a chat.

Cat Scratchers and Cat Trees have been produced under the Kalven name for over 30 years. We have a loyal base of customers, and are very well respected by cat breeders.  

All products are made to order, and can be customised to your exact requirements.

Join our exclusive club by owning an authentic Kalven product.

Nobody makes Cat Furniture like Kalven.

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